• Workout programming that fits dynamic training backgrounds because people want progressions.
  • Attract a larger group of people by proper programming adaptations.
  • Use your programming for business generation in addition to producing results for members.


Let me guess, you probably started programming workouts for individuals as part of personal training. Maybe you program workouts for small groups, or maybe you have a decently successful gym running small group classes. In order to grow your business to manage 500 members, your programming needs to be able to handle 30 people in a single class, all with diverse goals, different fitness levels and abilities.

The problem most gyms face is that their programing is one-dimensional. They want to attract the most bad ass, high level athletes so they program their workouts to look “bad ass” and extremely challenging for the average person. By doing so, you are limiting your market and attracting only a singular type of member.

By creating a dynamic training program and adaptations to reach both beginners and advance athletes, you’ll attract an entirely new market of members and keep your members for longer. Increased average membership length, increased revenues.

We’ve mastered programming for a large group of people, being able to consistently produce results for beginners and advanced professional athletes.

We teach you how to put programming processes in place to keep beginners safe and advanced athletes wanting to come back for more. In addition, we teach how to manage workouts with 30 people in a class, requiring only 1 coach on the floor saving on staff expenses.

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