• Increase conversions by following our step-by-step trial to conversion process, built exclusively for CrossFit gyms and independent Strength & Conditioning Gyms.
  • “Sales Techniques” no longer work. Learn the art of relationship selling.


Unfortunately with the gym industry being a commodity these days and another gym right down the street in most cities, you must do more than provide a great workout. Anyone can do that. But how do you create immediate buy-in from a cold trial walking through the door? Do you follow an exact blueprint to make sure each trial has a great experience? Do you consistently produce a 50% conversion rate? 60%? 70%? No?

We’ve developed a 20-point process that ensures when trials come through the door, they are signing up for membership. Once upon a time, 6 years ago when we had no clue what we were doing, we converted between 25% – 35% of trials. Through years of testing, experimenting, tweaking, failing, now we’ve ironed out an exact process to produce between 60% to 80% conversion rates month after month. 

We’ll teach you how to convert trials to members and teach your staff to do it for you. No sleazy sales techniques. No more lost trials.

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