• Take yourself out of the day-to-day operations by training your staff to mirror your abilities.
  • Focus on your business and growth and let your coaches crush the member conversion cycle.
  • Ensure every member and trial has a great experience through proper training and continuing education.


Imagine yourself not needed at the gym. Think about that for a second. What would that allow you to do both personally and professionally?

As you grow, it is vital that your coaching staff take on some of the responsibilities that you previously performed. You should not be interacting with members on a daily basis. You should not be required in the gym every day. In order to grow, you must focus on the business and let your staff handle the day-to-day interaction with members and trials.

We teach you not only the processes to take yourself out of the day-to-day responsibilities but how to train your staff to take ownership and manage these processes.

Additionally, your staff should be able to provide the exact same amazing experience that you would provide if you were coaching. Unfortunately, most coaches come in with their own methods, their own styles of interacting with members and it could be damaging your bottom line.

By establishing a proper set of tasks and a set way of communication, you can easily pass this workload off to your staff while empowering them to handle more responsibility.

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