• 3-Tiered Training System
    Learn the secrets of Performance360's unique programming method, the 3-tiered training system that has grown our gym to over 600 members ranging from complete beginners to professional athletes. Our unique system allows every individual, no matter their fitness level or skill level to participate in the same workout, opening up the possibility for massive growth.
  • Want to come get an inside look at how Performance360 operates? Our on-site development visit let's you observe a block of our classes then spend 2-hours with Dave and Pritz working on your business or just learning about ours. These are available Monday's and Tuesdays and must be scheduled well in advance. If you are purchasing more than 1-day, update the number of days you'd like to visit in your cart when checking out. Email Bryan@TheBusinessOfLIftingWeights.com to schedule once you purchase.
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    Gym Advisors Program

    $299.00 / day
    When you need help and guidance, but you don't have the resources for our full consulting packages, the Gym Advisors Program is our value based consulting services. We provide an open line of communication (up to 2 hours of our time each month) to assist, guide and teach you what is needed to improve your business. While it is not hands-on like the other programs, it provides just as much value and direction. We'll analyze your business to determine inefficiencies, areas of improvement and direct you on how to fix them. This program also includes all of our products and guides for as long as you are on the program.
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    Gym Consulting Program

    $499.00 / month
    The Gym Consulting Program is our mid-level option for gyms who want results but don't have the budget for The Mastery Program. It's a bit less intensive with 1 strategy session per month along with consistent email communication and guidance in addition to our products and strategy guides. For each strategy session we'll work on specific and actionable improvements in your business based on what's needed to make a drastic impact. After each strategy session, we'll support and guide you through the task(s) via email communication until it's completed and implemented.
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    Mastery Gym Consulting

    $1,499.00 / month
    The Mastery Gym Consulting program is a hands-on approach designed for gyms who are serious about dominating their marketplace and growing their gym.  Each week we sit down and work on a specific action item to complete before next meeting. Some of the tasks will be assigned to you, such as changes to a specific process, website copy, structure and layout of your gym, etc. Other tasks will be completed by us, such as an action plan and step-by-step guide to social media marketing, a how-to rank your gym for a specific keyword, creating videos for your site, implementing software to automate certain tasks, etc. Step-by-step, we’ll improve your operations, marketing value and exposure in an effort to drastically improve your business.
  • Best New Trial System for Gyms
    Learn the secrets of Performance360's high converting trial process, which is partly responsible for our growth to 600+ members. Using this process we doubled trials, increased conversions and blew past revenue goals all while decreasing the amount of work required as the whole system can be automated.