• 3-Tiered Training System

3-Tiered Training Program


Learn the secrets of Performance360’s unique programming method, the 3-tiered training system that has grown our gym to over 600 members ranging from complete beginners to professional athletes. Our unique system allows every individual, no matter their fitness level or skill level to participate in the same workout, opening up the possibility for massive growth.

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Product Description

The 3-tiered training program is what we run at Performance360, with over 600 members. It’s designed to be programmed in a single class and will allow progressions in each class for Beginners, All-Level and Advanced athletes.
You’ll be delivered a step-by-step .pdf guide to create a 3-tiered training program in your classes, along with how to create assessments and on-boarding tests as a way to categorize your clients. This will give them a clear structure to their development. It will be customizable based on what your style of training is and how your gym operates.
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