Ever wanted experts on site to help with your business?

The On-Site Development add-on gives you a 1-week visit from Dave & Pritz working every day in your business to revamp, create, execute and train you on growing your gym. We come in and analyze your program, find weaknesses and efficiency issues and help you implement these tools hands-on for a week.

We’ll start out by coming in as a silent shopper at your gym to see your staff’s ability to create a welcoming environment for potential members. We’ll analyze your process for new trials, figure out how you can create a better experience and convert more members. We’ll then set up an action plan to revamp your business in an effort to draw in more clients and convert more leads.

We’ll fix what’s broken, improve what’s inefficient, create automation to free up your time to focus on building the business and get you out of the day-to-day operations so you can grow your business.

Includes 1-month of ongoing help and support via phone, Skype and email after the visit.

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