• Price your services to create maximum value for your clients by using supply and demand principles.
  • Price your services to create the highest revenue rather than creating a pricing structure “just because” that’s what HQ suggests.
  • Removing the reliance on discounts and applying a premium pricing structure to gain value and revenue.


How did you arrive at your pricing model? Is it based on your individual market and supply/demand to maximize revenue and profits? Or did you create your pricing because that’s what everyone else charges? Or that’s what HQ suggested you charge?

Are you using pricing psychology to increase value? Are you using supply and demand to create urgency and make people feel they are missing out by not joining? Do you know how much revenue you are generating per class?

If you have memberships, an onramp program, personal training, options, options, options, you are doing it wrong. Ultimately you are confusing your customers and causing choice paralysis which causes them to NOT JOIN. Learn how to guide people to a simpler set of choices that gets them excited to give you their money.

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