Learn the secrets of Performance360’s unique programming method, the 3-tiered training system that has grown our gym to over 600 members ranging from complete beginners to professional athletes. Our unique system allows every individual, no matter their fitness level or skill level to participate in the same workout, opening up the possibility for massive growth.

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Learn the secrets of Performance360’s high converting trial process, which is partly responsible for our growth to 600+ members. Using this process we doubled trials, increased conversions and blew past revenue goals all while decreasing the amount of work needed to do so as the whole system can be automated.


Who is it for: New Gyms, Established Gyms Looking to Grow
Minimum Commitment: 1-Year
Price $1499/month

The Mastery Consulting is a series of steps that set your gym up to operate efficiently while increasing the number of members. The goal is to reach 500 members, and each week we sit down and work on a specific action item to complete before next meeting. Some of the tasks will be assigned to you, such as changes to a specific process, website copy, structure and layout of your gym, etc. Other tasks will be completed by us, such as an action plan and step-by-step guide to social media marketing, a how-to rank your gym for a specific keyword, creating videos for your site, implementing software to automate certain tasks, etc.

Step-by-step, we’ll improve your operations, marketing value and exposure in an effort to reach 500 members.

You can elect to guide the tasks needed to perform better, or we can analyze your processes and come up with a plan to implement based on weaknesses and inefficiencies that we see.

The minimum commitment is 1-year as we are not looking to “hit it and quit it” but build a relationship that allows us to revamp your entire operation and allow you to continually grow over the next 5, 10, 15 years and produce a revenue generating machine.

In order to sign-up for the Mastery Consulting program you must apply and be accepted.


1. Our highest level of coaching for those serious about growing their gym and have the budget to do so.
2. Weekly Skype calls
3. Customized action plan
4. Based on your gym’s individual needs
5. Unlimited email support
6. 1-year minimum commitment
7. Application required