With all of our consulting packages, you’ll be working directly with Dave and Bryan to revamp, change, create or grow your business. Everything is entirely based on your needs and growth plans. A 30-minute intro session is included with all programs.

Gym Mastery

  • 4 Monthly Strategy Sessions
  • Open Email Communication
  • Products & Guides Included

Gym Consulting

  • 1 Monthly Strategy Session
  • Open Email Communication
  • Products & Guides Included

Gym Advisors

  • x
  • Open Email Communication
  • Products & Guides Included

Strategy Sessions: All strategy sessions are done via Skype or phone and work on a specific set of problems or opportunities specific to your gym. Everything is customized to you and your needs. Unlike other consulting programs where they give you abstract ideas, we get our hands dirty and help you implement actionable strategies designed to have a direct impact on the growth of your gym.

Open Communication: All plans come with open communication via email expanding up to 2 hours of our time each month. We’ll answer questions, provide guidance and help on any topics or strategies you need help with.

Products & Guides Included: You’ll have free immediate access to all new and current products or guides as part of all consulting plans.