• More trials will convert to members, thanks to our proven systemized trial process.
  • More trials will sign-up on your site due to the way we structure the trial offer and your services.
  • Increased revenue as a result of a clearer, more efficient and structured trial process.


Alright, we’re going to give you the hard truth here. Your gym is a commodity, meaning someone can get the same thing from another gym down the street. Now, while we as gym owners know that “we are better than the other guys,” the average person doesn’t know this, so in order to push them over the fence to actually come check out your gym you have to nail your free trial process. I’m not just talking about making it available on your site. I’m talking about phycological triggers, a clear and efficient funnel for them to follow that leads them to the place that you want them to go.

After all, the free trial process is the single most important factor for your growth outside of creating an amazing experience inside the gym. We’re gonna assume you are already creating a great experience, that’s why you are in business today. The problem is that most gyms are doing this totally wrong.

Think about it, when someone is searching for your gym they are most likely at a point where they are excited to come check out the gym and right now, now is the time that you need to capture them into your process. If you are not able to capture them at that moment, the likelihood of them walking through your doors decreases by 50%.

But it doesn’t stop there, the first point of contact matters. The way they are lead through the workout and the way they are communicated with matters.

Once upon a time when we opened doors, we converted 25% of trials. Then we experimented. We tested. We went through years of development and finally we’ve been able to refine our process to get 60 trials through the door every month. We now get 60% of those people to sign-up for a membership averaged throughout the entire year. Our processes work. We can teach you the correct process to achieve these numbers.

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