This week on The Business of Lifting Weights we sit down with Geo Rockwell, who co-founded and sold CrossFit Mission Gorge here locally in San Diego, and is now owner of CrossFit Federal Hill and CrossFit Cove in Marlyand.

In addition, Geo runs the 4th Pull Podcast, with guests such as our own Dave Thomas, Sam Dancer, Chris Spaeller, David Durante and more. Available on iTunes.

Geo is one of the few gym owners that has had the ability to take his businesses to another level of success and been able to replicate his success across different markets.


  1. Geo’s background and how he got started as a gym owner.
  2. Benefits and disadvantages of becoming a CrossFit affiliate.
  3. Challenges and getting over rejections as you start out.
  4. The one print marketing method that worked for Geo in growing the gym from scratch.
  5. The advice on how to grow your gym that you don’t want to hear.
  6. How Geo sold his first gym and moved cross-country and opened 2 other gyms.
  7. Geo‘s takeaways from his cross country “Gym Roadtrip”.
  8. What main attributes Geo looks for the hiring process.
  9. What strategies in running a successful gym carry over from West Coast to East Coast.
  10. Results from Geo’s “Foundations Membership” marketing method when opening a new gym.
  11. Why marketing to the high level athlete is not the right strategy.
  12. How Geo uses challenges to grow membership.
  13. If he were to do it all over again, would Geo do anything differently this time around?
  14. Keeping the CrossFit name vs. dropping the affiliation.

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