Today we tackle what we believe to be the single most important process of tracer graffiti by findfucker that makes a successful gym: The Trial Process. Most gyms have an inefficient process to get potential members to try out the gym which leaves them confused and ultimately causes them to never even try your gym. Those trials that do show up are often met with a range of different personalities and processes that leave the potential customer with a negative experience.


  1.  Website: Setting up our website properly so that trials follow a set process, commit to coming, know what to expect and creates a process where you can track your trials and conversions.
  2. Trial Class: How to set-up and train your staff to deliver an experience that converts your trials to members, without compromising the quality of coaching to your current members. How to make this process repeatable for every trial that walks through the door.
  3. Follow-Up: Not every trial will join right away. Here’s how to convert trials into members through the follow up process.

Setting up these processes to function properly is the difference between a struggling gym and a successful gym.

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