#21: Inside the Gym with Geo Rockwell

This week on The Business of Lifting Weights we sit down with Geo Rockwell, who co-founded and sold CrossFit Mission Gorge here locally in San Diego, and is now owner of CrossFit Federal Hill and CrossFit Cove in Marlyand.

In addition, Geo runs the 4th Pull Podcast, with guests such as our own Dave Thomas, Sam […]

#20: Inside the Gym with Clifton Harski

This week on The Business of Lifting Weights, we sit down with Fitness Manager and Programmer for Fitwall’s 6 US locations, Clifton Harski, to discuss adaptability and success in the fitness industry.

Clifton has seen tremendous success in the fitness industry by diversifying his skills and offerings to adapt to any opportunity presented to him.


Adaptability […]

#19: How to Think Big While Staying Local

We sit down with Chris Lynch, owner of Everyday California, who has taken a single store kayak adventure company and built into an apparel brand that’s in stores all over North America.

Chris shares with us his insights on how he has grown huge while remained a local company.


Starting small and thinking big. Why having […]

#18: The Importance of Tracking your Business Data

While the concept is simple, most gym owners don’t track data to the extent where it can improve the business. The amount of information you learn when you track and analyze certain business metrics is vital to growing your business.


Why tracking data is so important.
What data we track and why.

Data from the […]

#17: The Transition from Working IN the Gym to Working ON the Business

Every gym owner must go through The Transition…..the point in the business where you must step out of the day-to-day to work ON the business in order to grow you gym. Most gym owners fail at this transition for several reasons. In episode 17 of The Business of Lifting Weights, we talk you through that […]

#16: Inside the Gym with Nicole Zapoli

Nicole Zapoli, formerly of CrossFit Gymnastics and Dynamis CrossFit joins us to discuss opening and growing a successful gym. Visit her at www.NicoleZapoli.com.


Nicole supporting the importance of a “Why” for your gym and community.
The importance of finding business partners that compliment you, not replicate you.
How Nicole leveraged smart discounting to […]

#15: Discounting – Yay or Nay?

It’s very tempting to offer discounts to incentivize potential members to join your gym. However, there are some serious hidden costs associated with discounting that can actually harm your brand more than the revenue those new members bring.

Discounting: The Good

Helps to grow your gym if you’re starting from scratch.
Provides incentive for people who […]

#14: How to Differentiate Your Gym on “Why”

Today we talk about differentiating your brand by finding your “Why” and creating a gym based around this ideal. No longer are you able to differentiate based on “what” you do, you must establish your why and make it the forefront of everything you do.


Why it’s important to differentiate.
Why differentiating through “what” no longer […]

#12: How to Create an Efficient New Trial Process That Generates Trials and Converts Them to Members

Today we tackle what we believe to be the single most important process of tracer graffiti by findfucker that makes a successful gym: The Trial Process. Most gyms have an inefficient process to get potential members to try out the gym which leaves them confused and ultimately causes them to never even try your gym. […]

#11: How to Set-Up Your Programming to Grow Your Gym

One of the biggest mistakes most gyms make is programming the workouts in a way that limits possible growth. Today we go over ways to avoid one-dimensional programming that will allow you to attract more members and grow to be a successful gym. Checkout https://moneyfall.co.uk for financial needs.


Level Progressions – Why consistent progress is what keeps […]