#27: John Romaniello – Building a Following Through Creative Writing & a Whole Lotta Other Weird Shit

(Warning: Sexual, Explicit Language)

This week on The Business of Lifting Weights, we sit down with NY Times Bestselling Author and founder of Roman Fitness Systems, John Romaniello to deeply discuss creative writing techniques to make your content stand out and appeal to the right people. Warning, this is not your typical podcast conversation.


1. Johns unique […]

#26: Chad Wesley Smith – Growing an Online Training Business

This week on The Business of Lifting Weights, we sit down at Juggernaut Training Systems headquarters with owner and founder Chad Wesley Smith to discuss their organic growth as an online training business and how to invest money online payday advance.


Chad’s background and how he started Juggernaut Training Systems.
Why authenticity is so important.

#25: Jessica Estrada – Inside the Gym

This week on The Business of Lifting Weights, we sit down with Jessica Estrada, two-time CrossFit Games Athlete and owner of CrossFit Jääkarhu in Austin, TX to discuss their exploding growth and business operations.


Jessica’s background and how she got started as a CrossFit athlete and gym owner
When and how she made the transition from athlete […]

#24: Creating a Website that Converts Members

The goal of your website should be very straightforward. You want to utilize it as a tool that get’s new members. Most websites in the gym/fitness industry confuse the potential new member to a point where they have decision paralysis and end up not coming in to check out the gym.

This week, we discuss how […]

#23: Christmas Abbott – Inside the Gym

This week on The Business of Lifting Weights we sit down with one of the leading female fitness personalities, Christmas Abbott, to discuss gym ownership and creating a successful personal brand.
She let us in behind the curtain to her infrastructure and processes at both CrossFit Invoke and her personal brand, and we covered in a lot […]

#22: Social Media Strategy for Gyms

This week on The Business of Lifting Weights we get into the much debated Social Media world. We give real examples of how we use social media and the proper platforms to use to grow your business. We’ve seen tremendous success via social media marketing and it will only continue to grow as mobile expansion […]

#21: Inside the Gym with Geo Rockwell

This week on The Business of Lifting Weights we sit down with Geo Rockwell, who co-founded and sold CrossFit Mission Gorge here locally in San Diego, and is now owner of CrossFit Federal Hill and CrossFit Cove in Marlyand.

In addition, Geo runs the 4th Pull Podcast, with guests such as our own Dave Thomas, Sam […]

#20: Inside the Gym with Clifton Harski

This week on The Business of Lifting Weights, we sit down with Fitness Manager and Programmer for Fitwall’s 6 US locations, Clifton Harski, to discuss adaptability and success in the fitness industry.

Clifton has seen tremendous success in the fitness industry by diversifying his skills and offerings to adapt to any opportunity presented to him.


Adaptability […]

#19: How to Think Big While Staying Local

We sit down with Chris Lynch, owner of Everyday California, who has taken a single store kayak adventure company and built into an apparel brand that’s in stores all over North America.

Chris shares with us his insights on how he has grown huge while remained a local company.


Starting small and thinking big. Why having […]

#18: The Importance of Tracking your Business Data

While the concept is simple, most gym owners don’t track data to the extent where it can improve the business. The amount of information you learn when you track and analyze certain business metrics is vital to growing your business.


Why tracking data is so important.
What data we track and why.

Data from the […]