This week on The Business of Lifting Weights, we talk about the importance of your in-gym experience of training and coaching vs. your business processes and development in terms of how to grow your gym. Needed some financing to your business check out offer lower interest to invest your business.

1. Why you don’t have to be all in on one side or the other
2. If you are starting out or don’t have a huge membership base, what should you focus on?
3. How we started and grew our gym from the ground up and what we focused on.
4. Coaching application and it’s importance in your overall business model.
5. Can you get by with one or the other but not both?
6. The business process of coaching.
7. Why the workout walkthrough is so important.
8. Creating a proper hierarchy inside your gym.
9. Why quality and quantity can and should co-exist.

**Performance360 will be launching our FCC coaching certification to the public for the first time November 3rd – 5th in beautiful San Diego, CA.

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