This week on The Business of Lifting Weights, we discuss if the common thought holds true that referrals are the best way to grow your gym.


While you listen, use this table as we discuss our numbers:

Source: Trials: Joins: Conversion %
Referral 434 181 41.32%
Drive-by 87 65 73.86%
Yelp 43 30 68.18%
Online 160 115 70.55%
Facebook 27 19 70.37%
1. Referrals – Are they the most efficient source of members to your gym?
2. Attracting the right people who are going to convert.
3. Why bringing in more trials is actually detrimental to your business.
4. What the data tells us about referrals.
5. Why scarcity and marketing psychology should influence how you set-up your processes.
6. Tips for improving each of the member generating sources.
7. Does Yelp Advertising work? Is it worth spending the money?
8. Why SEO is so important and the basics behind the best member generator our business has.
9. Mistakes commonly made on social media platforms.

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