The Business of Lifting Weights Owners


When former NCAA teammates Dave and Bryan first opened Performance360 in 2011, it was in a small, dirty converted boat house with no money, no clients and armed with merely an intense passion to challenge what a gym experience should be.

We were laughed at by the established gyms.

A truly independent, local gym could not be successful in a land dominated by growing corporate sponsorship.

People took their shots. Quickly labeled us a joke and judged us as small time.

Only, one by one our members thought otherwise. They noticed the quality, the attention to detail, the care, and the consistency behind the experience that we provided….and they spread the word.

More converts. Consistent growth over the course of six years to a now average $65,000 per month membership revenue alone, and a business valuation today over $1,000,000.

No magic. No gimmicks. Just blood and sweat, focusing on our members, and remaining loyal to the proven processes we’ve created.

Six years and a growing number of locations later, our flag remains unwavering.

To run, and help others develop, the highest quality gyms in America.


This is real simple. When we’re in, we’re all in, because if you’re not successful then we’re not successful, and that’s our good name on the line. As such, not only will we work tooth and nail to correct what’s holding you back, but you will be expected to implement and take action.

Only 20% of gyms that apply will be selected as partners, so if you are not ready to roll up your sleeves, please don’t waste our time.

If accepted, we’ll first complete your Business Physical to diagnose the issues so that we can begin by immediately targeting your specific “Critical Needs”. From there, over the course of the next 12 months we’ll help you implement our 12 Step Program unique to your business and most likely see your membership grow by the hundreds.

Here are some of the processes we analyze and revamp:

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Who is it for: New Gyms, Established Gyms Looking to Grow
Minimum Commitment: 1-Year

The Mastery Consulting is a series of steps that set your gym up to operate efficiently while increasing the number of members. The goal is to reach 500 members, and each week we sit down and work on a specific action item to complete before next meeting. Some of the tasks will be assigned to you, such as changes to a specific process, website copy, structure and layout of your gym, etc. Other tasks will be completed by us, such as an action plan and step-by-step guide to social media marketing, a how-to rank your gym for a specific keyword, creating videos for your site, implementing software to automate certain tasks, etc.

Step-by-step, we’ll improve your operations, marketing value and exposure in an effort to reach 500 members.

You can elect to guide the tasks needed to perform better, or we can analyze your processes and come up with a plan to implement based on weaknesses and inefficiencies that we see.

The minimum commitment is 1-year as we are not looking to “hit it and quit it” but build a relationship that allows us to revamp your entire operation and allow you to continually grow over the next 5, 10, 15 years and produce a revenue generating machine.

In order to sign-up for the Mastery Consulting program you must apply and be accepted.


  • **Special Intro Offer**
  • Weekly Skype Calls
  • Customized Plan of Action
  • Based on Your Individual Needs



Ever wanted experts on site to help with your business?

The On-Site Development add-on gives you a 1-week visit from Dave & Pritz working every day in your business to revamp, create, execute and train you on growing your gym. We come in and analyze your program, find weaknesses and efficiency issues and help you implement these tools hands-on for a week.

We’ll start out by coming in as a silent shopper at your gym to see your staff’s ability to create a welcoming environment for potential members. We’ll analyze your process for new trials, figure out how you can create a better experience and convert more members. We’ll then set up an action plan to revamp your business in an effort to draw in more clients and convert more leads.

We’ll fix what’s broken, improve what’s inefficient, create automation to free up your time to focus on building the business and get you out of the day-to-day operations so you can grow your business.

You can decide what we focus on or we’ll take the reigns and provide a full revamp based on what’s needed to grow to 500 members.

Includes 1-month of ongoing help and support via phone, Skype and email after the visit.


$$5,000 - $10,000one-time
  • 1-Week On-Site Visit from Dave & Pritz
  • 1-Week of In-Depth Help & Training
  • Based on Your Individual Needs
  • 1-Month of Ongoing Support via Phone and Email Help
  • Expenses all-inclusive


Since your website is the door to your business, it better be well developed. By blending the art and science together we create stunning websites that convert locally. Visitors will experience a feeling when viewing your site that draws them into your brand and hooks them on your concept.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be layered into your site driving traffic from those searching for gyms in your area and designed to convert them into members. By employing our custom backend software, your trials and lead generation will be followed up by automation to ensure every contact coming to your site will be followed up with and moved through the sales cycle converting more visitors and creating more members.

Included in your website development is training on how to manage your site, constant updating and management along with best practices in content creation and ongoing development. Your website will turn into a sales machine, by building relationships. Gone are the hard selling days and poor sales tactics.

We’ll also give you a keyword list for Long Tail Search Optimization allowing you to capture more leads and visitors in your local area.

You’ll get 1-year of free updates and servicing so your website perfectly reflects your brand as it grows.

Custom Website

  • Custom Branded Website
  • 1-Year Training and Support
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Custom Backend Software
  • Long Tail Keyword List

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